Early MAG groupIn 1955, six artists, John McConell, Lucille Lipe, Verla Williford, Leonard Ham, Lonnie Cox and Augustine Brown gathered together in the basement of the war memorial building to paint and exchange ideas with their fellow artists.  They met to paint wherever they could get the space.  In 1957 the little group took a class taught by one of the foremost artists of the state,  Ralph Herring.  As a result of this class more artists joined the group.

On November 17, 1966, numbering about 20 the group known as the Mooresville Artist Guild was organized.  The Guild continued to increase in number and on March 6, 1978, the Mooresville Town Board voted to allow the Mooresville Artist Guild to use the town-owned Southern Railway Depot. The Guild became a "quasi-municipal service" and has worked since that time to develop the former Depot into a visual arts center for the area. Working with the Town of Mooresville, members and supporters of the Guild have remodeled the building to include heated and air conditioned meeting rooms, rest rooms, and a gallery. The warehouse area is also used for large exhibits.

The Guild also became associated with the Iredell Arts Council and is supported in part by the Grassroots Art Program of the North Carolina Arts Council.

On May 24, 1982 the Guild was incorporated in North Carolina as a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide art and art appreciation for members and the general public.

In a ruling dated January 30, 1997 the Internal Revenue Service determined the Mooresville Artist Guild is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) effective April 10, 1996.  This means that gift contributions (including dues) are deductable as provided in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. MAG Federal Id and IRS Status/Information

In 2014 in order to serve the wider community the Board voted to rename the Mooresville Artist Guild - MOORESVILLE ARTS.
Currently membership and supporters number over 225.


Back Row: Bob South, John McConnell, Lonnie Cox

Front Row: Augustine Brown, Verla Williford, Ralph Herring