I have been exploring ceramic sculpture for the past ten years and working part time as a clay and sculpture instructor for the past two years at Clayworks and Mitchell Community College in North Carolina.

I first started in ceramic sculpture by making organic wall pieces influenced by radiolarians and protozoa by the biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. My sculptural pursuits have taken me in many directions. Escaping into the sculptures of my favorite children's book - “Alice in Wonderland” - to a series of Avatar’s, where the female figure along with feline traits and qualities seeks to expose a connection through form and composition.

Most recently I have been studying birds, hawks primarily. Several sculptures of hawks are being shown at different venues and I will be in the process of making a life size eagle in the next year. Birds of prey have a particular interest for me. They have an intensity that I wish to capture in sculptural form. They exude a beauty and a presence and seem to have definitive personalities. A nesting pair of red-shouldered hawks on my property for the past year has been a major inspiration to my work.

I love fantasy, mythology and nature. I use them to push imaginative boundaries and materials in new and unexpected directions.

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