Opportunities Outside Mooresville Arts Gallery

We want to share opportunities that we know about to help you be as successful and involved in the arts as possible.  Click below to see opportunities outside of our Gallery.  Let us know if you have information about opportunities to share with our members.  Thank you.  

Member of the Month Sue Edwards


Sue Edwards’s interest in art started with mechanical drawing throughout junior high and high school. Due to a move her senior year, her vocational plans changed. Aside from occasional watercolor or sketching in college and beyond, the next venture into art happened in 2013, when she began participating in an open figure drawing group after work. 

When she moved to Charlotte in 2014, she had a lot of time to delve into not only figure drawing at Mooresville Arts, but figure drawing and clay courses at Cornelius Arts Center.  She chose to combine the sketching and clay together to sculpt figures live, during life drawing sessions.  In 2018 she began exploring more visual art mediums by taking pastel classes with Malia Bryngelson, and an oil Zorn Palette portrait class with Robin Wellner at Mooresville Arts. 

 She also took several SketchingNow online courses in ink and wash and watercolor with Liz Steel.  The regular sketching practice with pen and ink and/or watercolor became an enjoyable habit as she prepared and completed an anniversary trip to Budapest. 

Now she is enjoying the many options that these mediums provide to allow her to enjoy mini art escapes either at home, at the cafe, or even jury duty!  She enjoys the communities she had engaged in both in art guilds and classes, as well as engaging with people while urban sketching (sketching in public).

Sue is the coordinator for life drawing at Mooresville Arts, and welcomes you to contact her at edwardss@me.com for more information and if you would like to be added to the reminder emails she sends out about the life drawing sessions that happen (December will only happen the first Saturday due to the holidays) at Mooresville Arts on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of most months in gallery 3 from 9am-noon.  No need to be an expert, we are all a warm and welcoming group, no matter your talent in drawing/sculpting/painting the figure.  We are all there to practice!

SueEdwardsStudio.com is her website.  SueEdwardsStudio is also her name on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to follow her.

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