Opportunities Outside Mooresville Arts Gallery

We want to share opportunities that we know about to help you be as successful and involved in the arts as possible.  Click below to see opportunities outside of our Gallery.  Let us know if you have information about opportunities to share with our members.  Thank you.  

Member of the Month John Bethune


  I have worked with wood all my life; finish carpentry, building furniture.  When a neighbor invited me to a wood turning class,  I was intrigued by the variety of styles a turner can create from a log.  As I begin to turn a piece of wood on the lathe, I let it show me what to design, each having a life of its own, the results pleasing me.

           The Ford-Edison Estate was offering wood from rare trees Edison planted there which had blown down during Hurricane Irma. We turners could apply, and after they judged our work, were invited to get the wood from them.  It was a special honor to be chosen, and the vase made from the Yellow Monkey tree is from there.

            I also enjoy teaching, seeing the delight in their eyes as the wood evolves.

Mooresville Arts Constituton and ByLaws

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