About Us

Variety is Here

Our shows have a wide variety of offerings.  Everything from nationally-known oil painting artists to a month dedicated to children's art.  Please see our calendar for coming events. 

An important role Mooresville Arts plays in the community is the promotion of art appreciation and education. We take this role seriously by providing excellent educational opportunities to all members of the community.

Out Gift Shop is open and has a wide variety of original pieces for sale.  $10 and up makes it easy for you to satisfy everyone on your list of birthdays, anniversarys and other events.  We even have a holiday sale - watch for it!

Everyone Welcome

We invite Artists and Art Lovers to join our community.  Enter a show or come to browse.  Our friendly volunteers are ready to greet you and answer any questions you may have.  Call 704.663.6661 for more information.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mooresville Arts is to be an advocate for the artist and to serve as an artistic and cultural resource for the Mooresville and Lake Norman community. 

Who We Are

Executive Officers


President: Jessica DeHart jadehart7@gmail.com

Vice President: Jeannine Tieri abundantnrg@gmail.com

Treasurer (Pro Tem): Jeannine Tieri abundantnrg@gmail.com

Secretary: Brenda Kadlecik bmkad@aol.com



Gallery: Jessica DeHart jadehart7@gmail.com

Education: Linda Fossum linda@watercolorsbylinda.com

Public Relations: Ellen Patterson pattfinanep@gmail.com 

Building/Grounds: Chris McIntosh chrismcintosh56@rocketmail.com

Webmaster:  J. Tieri MooresvilleArtsNC@gmail.com

Fundraising & Sponsorships: Executive Board MooresvilleArtsNC@gmail.com

Hospitality: Karmin Matthews artbygia2014@gmail.com

Membership: Ann Parker   rappal@verizon.net 

Docent Coordinator: Kay Storck 2kaystorck@gmail.com

Gift Shop: Cheryl Ann Barrett cherylatsu@yahoo.com

Chair Persons

WINTER JURIED EXHIBIT: Dianne Sorrell dcs33ad@yahoo.com

YOUTH ART SHOW: Patty Acuff & Marion McClure pattyacuff@gmail.com zoot310@hotmail.com

40th SPRING ARTFEST: Jayne Braxton & Ellen Patterson jbrax@bellsouth.net pattfinanep@gmail.com

NC OPEN PLEIN AIR EVENT: Irene Jahns irenejahns@gmail.com

ARTS AT THE MILL: Jessica DeHart & Brenda Kadlecik jadehart7@gmail.com bmkad@aol.com

PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW: Gina Ricciardelli ginaricciardelli@yahoo.com

ABSTRACT ART EXHIBIT: Sandie Bell & Amanda Foshag sandiebell416@gmail.com amandafoshagartist@gmail.com



TRACKSIDE POTTERY SHOW:  Sandy Eaton mb28094@yahoo.com

GIVE THE GIFT OF ART SALE:  Cheryl Ann Barrett cherylatsu@yahoo.com

Cathy Johnson, Office Manager

2017 Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report for Mooresville Arts is available now.  

Gallery Renovation December 2017

Beautifying Our Gallery

In December 2017 several volunteers got together and spent over 500 hours to renovate the working galleries.  It looks great!

See photos of the renovation efforts below 

Historic Train Depot Renovation

Depot History

Since 1863, the Mooresville Depot has been the cornerstone on which the Town of Mooresville was built. It brought commerce to the region which led to people moving into the area.  In 2009 the building was placed on the National Register for Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior.

The Town of Mooresville leased the building to the Mooresville Artist Guild in 1973 who converted part of the building to a Visual Arts Center, thus becoming the cornerstone of art culture for the region.

Over the years the Depot has served Mooresville Arts and the community well, even though more then 2/3 of the building remains without heat and air conditioning. 

Proposed Changes to the Warehouse

We have a two-part plan to renovate the gallery and warehouse.  First, we want to renovate the warehouse. This will consist of adding insulation, HVAC and safety.  

We are working with the Historical Society and Architects familiar with renovating a building of this age.  We have many challenges ahead, but look forward to the day we can utilize this wonderful, historic room for public events, chasses and a variety of other uses.  

We Can Do It With Your Help

Our team of volunteers are willing to put in the time and energy to see this project through.  What we need from you is funding.  Please help us keep this building a thriving art center by donating today.  

Our growing educational programs, workshops and national, regional and local exhibits reflect growth and interest in the arts and is a reason many people visit our town.  We are the only non-profit Visual Arts Center in the surrounding area.